Make A Donation

God is writing a new book for Nicaragua and Cuba. He is opening a new opportunity to spread the Word of God among people whose lives have been rattled by a pandemic, corruption, government restrictions, and political policies – an opportunity to evangelize two nations. Are you ready to be a part of this book?

In 2019, we wrote to our donors describing the miraculous opportunity God provided in Nicaragua to distribute Scriptures in schools. He didn’t stop there! After Nicaragua, we received another unexpected opportunity when Cuba opened its doors to do ministry. We have a chance to help local churches reach their communities with the gospel!

But, you must act now. Nicaragua will be going into elections this year, while in Cuba government rules keep changing. We are not sure how long this opportunity will last.

Nicaragua and Cuba are on a path filled with drugs, corruption, atheism, and conflicts. You have the ability to change that trajectory.

  • It only costs $58 to provide evangelism training to a pastor so that they can mobilize an average of 50 church members into sharing the gospel.
  • For $125, you can train and equip local church members with 25 Spark and Hope magazines to be given out in schools and communities affecting real change for a whole generation.
  • For $540, you can cover the salary of a trained local staff member for one week to provide the ongoing training and support to pastors and church members.

Your simple donation today makes it possible for the gospel to reach two nations and change its trajectory. Are you ready to be a part of this new chapter in God’s book?